Lifestyle August 3, 2022

Keeping your Home Cool and Fresh during the Summer

The recent heatwave caught many of us off guard, but the reality is that with the ongoing impact of climate change, such spells of hot and sunny weather are likely to increase in frequency over the next few years. The UK’s infrastructure is not properly set up for such a change at this time, but there are things we can do right now to keep the temperature in our homes down.

Whether you’re happily settled or looking to advertise to potential buyers, ensuring your property presents a comfortable temperature despite any adverse conditions outside is a must. Here are five top tips to help you do just that.

1. Keep your blinds closed, even if the windows behind them are open. This will help to keep the sun off your room

2. Position a bowl of ice beneath your fan to turn it into a cold mist machine that can cool down a room quickly

3. Keep doors closed and draft excluders in place to keep the hot outdoor air out

4. Ensure any ceiling fans are running in reverse (counter-clockwise)

5. Try to reduce appliance use where you can. Cook outside on the BBQ instead of on your indoor stove, and considering hanging laundry on a rack rather than sticking it in the tumble dryer

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Keeping your Home Cool and Fresh during the Summer