In the event of an EMERGENCY situation relating to your property outside our office hours, the following emergency guidelines should be followed:

If your Landlord has arranged for your rented property to be covered by an Emergency Insurance Scheme, such as British Gas, Anglian Water, etc. (if so, you will have received details), you MUST contact the Emergency Helpline Number in the information you have been given.

In the case of EMERGENCIES ONLY, the following Contractors may be contacted direct, should our Office be closed:

Building Repairs/Maintenance Emergencies:
JDB Property Services  Tel: 07743 829533
Security – Glazing/Boarding Up/Locks
Safe & Secure  Tel: 01472 313631/07711659941
JDB Property Services Tel: 07743829533
Gas Emergencies
Cadent: Tel: 0800 389 8000
Plumbing Emergencies

Jackson Green & Preston Plumber Tel: 07946 736095

Electrical Emergencies
R-Chiz Electrical Services Tel: 07825661715
GRS Electrical Tel: 07899028345
Roofing/Guttering Emergencies
Supreme Roofing   Tel: 07905 354433
Pro Shield Roofing Tel: 07931 281601
Security Alarm Emergencies
Alarm Tech 2000 Tel: 07763009940/01472 502000
Abatis Fire & Security Limited Tel: 01472 500836


Please remember that these numbers are for EMERGENCY use only, and if used in non-emergency situations, the work will be charged to the Tenant in full.

Please also note that NOT all repairs are the responsibility of the Landlord (i.e. breakages, glass repairs, situations arising from Tenant's negligence and that of their guests, etc.), and the cost of these MUST be met by the Tenant.

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