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The best plants to add to your garden this spring

Having a well-kept garden offers a wealth of benefits. Firstly, spending time amongst nature is proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Your garden can be a peaceful and calming space, providing a necessary retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Secondly, an appealing garden is also essential not only for the environment but also for enhancing the aesthetic value of your home and helping to attract potential buyers.

But, where do you even start?

Take advantage of easy-to-grow bedding flowers for a quick splash of colour The great thing about buying bedding plants from a garden centre is that you get an instant return, as the seeds have already been sown and the plants growing. This means that all you really have to do is move the flowers from their pots to your desired position along your garden’s border or within hanging baskets you attach to your home’s exterior walls, and then tend accordingly as if you’d grown them yourself. Some attractive choices for springtime are pansies, primroses, wallflowers and bright pink bellis.

Choose some attractive shrubs

Most shrubs are very low-maintenance in the context of plant growing, and are perfect for establishing space, protecting less durable plant life whilst making a statement of their own. And whilst some shrubs only flower at certain times of the year, they are often also evergreen, meaning you’ll never be left with sad, spindly branches, even come winter. Camellias, forsythia, lilacs and rhododendrons are at their best during spring.

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The best plants to add to your garden this spring

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